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3D-Check – Glue bead inspection within a second

Attaching rain detecting sensors or car mirrors to front shiels requires to apply glue beads on their holders first.

To check these glue beads common procedures have to rotate either the sensor or the object to be checked – a time-consuming issue.

3D-Check solves this very problem using a 80 mm wide measuring field with a variable length. While the carrying object is driven past with an upright movement 3D-Check inspects five parameters of the glue bead and its carryier part:

Carrying object
  • Type
  • Orientation
Glue bead
  • Position
  • Integrity
  • Volume

3D-Check performes the tests optimizing time and way right while the object is processed from the gluing job to the installation point. After one second, just before installing, the measurement results arrive at the PLC. If necessary the carrier can be sorted out.

3D-Check adjusts for different types of carriers the tolerances automatically. The type of product is chosen from a comfortable user-interface. In addition, you can set shortly tolerances and teach-in further products in an intuitive and graphical manner.


 System features :

  • Timesaving inspection of glue beads and their carrier parts
  • No rotation, whether of product nor sensor needed
  • 1 second measurement period
  • Number of product types unlimited
  • Teach-in and setting of tolerances graphically
  • Automatical adjustment of tolerances for various grippers and assembly-configurations