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Label Control

A product gets automatically boxed and labeled. Our vision system checks if the label is fixed in the right position. Afterwards a robot puts the flawless boxes into the cartons for delivery.

The label control system separates, checks and if necessary sorts out up to 90 boxes per minute.

Our cameras performs the following checks:

  • Is there a label on the box?
  • Is the label in the right position?
  • Is the boxes' cap missing?
  • Is the cap properly placed?
  • Is the box right aligned on the assembly line?

Product boxes that doesn't meet the requirements get sorted out by our system.



 System features:

  • Smart-camera system with custom software
  • Max. 90 test pieces/minute
  • Separation of the boxes
  • mechanism for sorting
  • Orientation
  • Position
  • Alignment
  • Completeness