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No matter what surface condition may be given, our easy to use BORDO detects various edges in incident light and measures their position.

The results of the measurement are transmitted with 1/10 mm resolution via a digital or serial interface to a PC or a PLC which now can place the object into the desired position.

This makes BORDO being the perfect tool in many lay-down processes such as the alignment of tiles or other pressed goods. Other applications are checks of alignment. BORDO succeeds even under hard conditions e.g. with missing background, if a thickness of at least 5 mm is given.

With its lasercross BORDO is fast and simple adjusted. Another highlight are the selfregulating algorithms , which optimize parameters of measurement while processing.




  • Universal edgefinder
  • Independent from sureface condition
  • Adjustment with lasercross
  • Automatic optimization of parameters
  • OEM-Variantes for custom needs possible