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    Steel Mill


A critical process while melting steel is the firing of the carbon arc between graphite electrode and the materials to be melt.

In order to optimize this process our camera system checks the wearout of the electrode between the processes.

According to the requirements of an electromechanical highly charged environment – 100.000 ampere and 1.200 volt – we have chosen an insensitive smart-camera. The results are transmitted via an 100 meters optic fibre to the PLC.

To protect the camera and its lenses we stored the system in a special protective housing. The high pressure within the housing prevents the deposit of dust and dirt and keeps clearance low. The air cooling assures that the heat in the environment doesn't affect the vision-system.

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  • Smart-camera system with custom software
  • Protective housing with air cooling and overpressure (against dust and dirt)
  • Non-sensitive to electromagnetic influences
  • Communication with 100 meters optic fiber
  • Low-maintenance



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